There are five massage therapy rooms in newly decorated SONATA, which featuring local, organic and customized massage treatments that deliver city style results with a vacation sensibility.


Lighted Mirror

Large and elegant lighted mirror is the best for placing in your dressing area. One-Touch Switch features a stunning glass face and operates just like an iPhone – simply press your finger on the circle to turn lights on and off.


Shower Corner

There are five single rooms available with private showers, which offer a water based or somewhat pouring rain massage to you.The towels on the table are fresh during each session for hygienic purposes.All the rooms have plenty of changing space, which are also fully furnished.


Face Pillow available

Face down pillow is now available in our massage rooms. It can be put on the face hole of massage bed, and give your face a good relax and rest, and no more headache. Simply cover on the pillow with a new, clean, hypoallergenic pillow cover each time for every guest.

Here is 360 View of Room A.

Room A in Sonata - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Here is the 360 View of room D

Room D in Sonata - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA